2011 Onward

Are You My Rabbi?: One Bird's Quest
Generally one-paneled snapshots from a search for...someone.

Robot Saves Girl (to be continued)
An unfinished sequential comic that originated as part of an application to The Center for Cartoon Studies. It had to include me, "a snowman, a robot, and a piece of fruit, with one character that speaks a language other than English (real, imagined, or pictorial). You may combine characters!"
The snowman and piece of fruit have yet to make their appearances. Maybe I have not appeared yet, either


The Plants Between Us
A collage storybook created in 2011 for Folklore and Mythology 98j: People and Plants, taught by Professor Brooks at Harvard University.

Yonah and Yonah 
Yonah (Jonah) the prophet sits above the city of Nineveh. A dove arrives with some wisdom to share. Started in the summer of 2009; still only two pages drawn.

What Are You Doing Here?
A girl and a crocodile get a little existential.
Waiting for Something to Change
Featuring darkness and opening eyes. 2008.

Before 2007

Drawn representations of anticipation, chicken, and other concepts.

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