Sunday, April 16, 2017

4 toward the Omer

netzach shebchesed

whenever I forget a
person’s name and say
it’s not personal I
know it really is

but it’s more than
that or less as
Elisha told me after
Shabbat lunch in some

context “I have an
eidetic memory for what
my mind decides is
important but can’t choose”

Jen almost steps on
the light gray dead
mouse by the curb
and we startle and

I start to image
waterfalls and we look
at the eastern mountains
and Jen says “Dead

mouse over the mountains”
Having missed Hallel in
services I walk down
the street I repeat

what I remember Hodu
lAdonai ki tov ki
leolam chasdo ki leolam
chasdo ki leolam chasdo

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