Monday, May 16, 2016

23 toward the Omer

As the day wanes and we study Rambam in the cafe my stomach says something wasn't cooked all the way. I think back:

Butter beans, kidney beans, can of corn, frozen peas, garlic, onion, kale, eggplant, oil, broccoli, spices, brown rice, water, 45 minutes; acupuncture, 35;

meditation, 5; toothbrushing, 1; conversation, 2 hours; writing, 1 hour; other conversation, 90 minutes; walking, 1 hour total; breaths, some fuller than others--

or maybe each thing had just the right amount of its own time, and it is just that some things leave me churning--

isn't that the nature of the season, all the flowers bloom and vanish leaving us brushing phantom pollen off our every forgotten fabric--

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