Friday, April 24, 2015

19 toward the Omer

Yesterday I was caffeinated and was talking to my dad on the phone and walked straight past the building
that I thought I was supposed to stop at and so I continued on to the next building thinking
maybe there is some reason I'm supposed go there and I hung up the phone and went inside and asked
three different people if they might be the reason I was supposed to have come there and they said
they didn't know but the last of them was not feeling like being in that building so I said
do you want to walk back to the other building with me? and he said sure and we left
and in front of the first building is a volleyball court and the path went in front of it
and I asked if he wanted to sit outside for a minute because there was still some time left
but the wind started blowing real strong and before he could answer the volleyball court sand was skating over us
and so we took that as a no and let the air and sand move us inside the building
and I knew there something to know and though I've forgotten what it could be enough to know that

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