Friday, April 24, 2015

17 toward the Omer

If I add day twenty to a start from days ago is it any approximation of seventeen?
Yesterday for once I was the first to get out of bed. God, sometimes I don't know
if you're the one searching or searched for. I used to hide in cabinets in my dreams.
Is that what cleaning for Passover is about? So that one day we will finally come across
you where you tucked yourself away in a moment of loneliness between the allspice and the marjoram?
Will it matter in that moment who found whom or whether we even meant to do so?
Will we be able to hide our look of surprise behind our look of relief or get
over the having forgotten look behind the look of surprise if we see it in the other?
Sometimes it's hard to remember what's here in my kitchen and similarly sometimes you're so far away

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