Monday, April 20, 2015

14 toward the Omer

In the afterlife everyone has forgotten what fallout shelters used to be for because
the fallout shelters there are shelters instead for everything that has ever fallen out:

for keys fallen out of pockets, styles out of fashion, birds out of trees,
toddlers and windowscreens and Anton, almost four years ago today, out of windows,

soldiers and children out of line, seminarians out of faith, lovers out of love—
all of these and more shelter at the fallout shelters, which are strung through

and through with hammocks, beds, swings, bags, nests, trampolines, tubs of warm buoyant water,
humans and angels and other beings trained in the arts of cradled arms and cupped hands

who murmur continuously You are loved here, you are held here, you are safe

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