Wednesday, April 23, 2014

8 toward the Omer

Chesed shebiGvurah

The beginning of discipline week. Rainy. Tired faces.
Everyone seems to be doing "okay." (We know
what that really means. Each person says it
with the same pause, the same reflective quality.)

Little glints of lovingkindness as I head onward,
my backpack still trailing crumbs of affliction bread:
Duncan and Hannah slide into my cafe booth;
Two relief-filled hugs take place in the courtyard,

executed coatless, with love and tight hold swaying;
I inquire about a new friend's ring, discover
it is bearing the ninety-nine names of Allah;
that dude there's also wearing pink All Stars--

though the rainbow patterns on our pairs differ,
we are clearly shoe buddies, kinfolk, irrefutably bonded

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