Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Affectionate token (if it remains so do we)

The common vow for times like now is this:
that "Never shall I wash the blessed hand
upon which in a trick of fate did land
your e'er-elusive, e'er-remembered kiss"—

But friends we are, and happy in our state,
and precious as this moment is between
the two of us, your lips upon my skin
is not the way today to venerate—

A pigeon shifts above us and we see
that it has kindly solved our quandary.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Steely Inspiration

"I need to focus now on Kierkegaard,"
in vain I say 'fore Poetry's narrowed eyes.
"Oh no," she says, "Although you ill regard
submission to my ruthless enterprise,

The path from kitchen table to your bed
will open only once I've had my way.
You must release what I've put in your head.
Until you do, your sleep I'll hold at bay."

And so I sit and think and feel and write
and hope someday she'll let me say goodnight.

Momentary Life

Prancing to stretch my legs
Outside of a Burger King
I too quickly remove myself
And enter the warm bright

And even in the reflective
Afterglow of my joyous
Exploration of my muscles
In the parking lot waystation

I forget to return to the bus
In similar exultation