Tuesday, April 23, 2013

26 toward the Omer

There’s an unfinished section of the wall in the balcony of the Eldridge Street Synagogue and our tour guide asks us why we think that is

I raise my hand and suggest that it’s a reminder of the destroyed Temple that is not yet rebuilt (I didn’t actually say that last bit)

She tells us actually it’s there to demonstrate what state the synagogue was in before they restored it (really to show that they had restored it

because otherwise someone might walk in there and think it had always been just as beautiful as now but no they worked really hard you see

and there is little as frustrating as when someone sees you and thinks that you are not putting any effort into things but it took me

a long time to get to this place but there is no flap of skin you can lift to see the aged slats of wood underneath

I am no destroyed holy house nor will I be rebuilt I am no not yet what you see has always been my offer to you

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