Friday, April 5, 2013

10 toward the Omer

First, ten syllables per line, for I love iambic pentameter.

When harmony and discipline align
the universe expands in stately time
and galaxies aglow with mellow light
cavort in darkest space like butterflies

And though I think it’s dangerous to find
significance in every verse that rhymes
it seems that every now and then it might
make sense to see what meanings do arise

Does harmony require compromise?
Can love go on when lives don’t coincide?

Second, the traditional ten words per line.

This morning I woke up an hour and a half
before my cell phone alarm would have woken me up
and I decided to keep from turning my computer on
until after I had done at least one productive thing

That’s how I came to daven Psukei d’Zimrah and Shacharit
with tallis and tefillin and the prelims and the postlims
I started by putting a sweater back in its drawer
and ended a few minutes earlier than I would have

if I hadn’t remembered that we are still in Nissan
and therefore no matter what I feel there’s no Tachanun

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