Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Time to get in the zone" by Laura Beth

[Let me re-introduce you to the awesome Laura Beth Resnick, a farmer whom I have had the honor of knowing since 2003. She keeps a blog called veggieadventure about farming, plants, and food; her blog is a fun and insightful record of anecdotes, facts, and recipes that both provides a window into the life of a farmer and strengthens the reader's connection to what we consume on a daily basis.

Laura Beth just wrote a post about USDA zoning with regard to average minimum winter temperature. And I illustrated! Check it out!

(I last contributed back in February to a post about plant sex.) I also recommend reading the whole blog, of course.]
Note: Laura Beth is continuing her blog under a new name due to her work starting Butterbee Farm in Baltimore! I have changed the links above so they point to the correct posts. --May 13, 2013

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