Friday, August 24, 2012


Hand meets hand meets hand meets hand and I
constantly monitor each finger's straightness
to keep them from bending and clasping tight
or, G-d forbid, moving over yours
Better to sweat with the strain
than to show a hint of caring
that our hands are pressed against each other
palm to palm and feet step and glide
our bodies face inward our toes point around
At least you are next to me, not opposite
for surely then I would spend the night waiting
wanting not wanting wanting not wanting
to catch your eye. But back to our hands
I have not forgotten
Now they are parting parting parting
parting and we lift hands up and oh the joy
for we bring them to rest over shoulders
Arm meets hand meets arm meets hand
bodies ever slower, ever statelier
your hand ever so light
mine ever so conscious

KlezKanada Poetry Retreat

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