Friday, July 6, 2012

Prompt: (one of) the five senses

When I come to new people, one of my first questions is, How long until I cuddle again?
How long before I can put my arm across your shoulders,
lean my head against your chest?
How long before I can take care of any of you,
soothe you with the beating of my heart
the sure stillness of my hand
the rise and fall of my breath?
How long until we can rest like sleeping puppies
nestling against bodies that are just like ours
with warmth and fur and tiny twitches
but are always not ours, definitively the essence
of those who can give us company
in our solitude
of skin permeable to some things
and not to others.
Sometimes I think of my atoms
rubbing off on the air and grass around me.
Every time there is touch
there is transfer.
If you let me in,
my love will move mountains.

1 comment:

Mike Lunapiena said...

Cuddles are the bestest!!

And I think this is a great/beautiful way to look at meeting new people.