Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Great Anon (another freewrite, same day)

My life is goodbyes
as I let my hand fall by my side
watching them fade into the Great Anon
from which they might come back,
I would hope to say,
but I know it is I
who must go after them.
But I only have two feet
and even with two feet
I can only walk in one direction
so I stay on the balance beam
ignoring the strings that would lead me forward
because even a turn
becomes a turn to a forward
and I would love to tumble on those paths
break them out of freeze frame
with no need to put a name to this
this feeling that we can be in perpetual motion
and go about our lives
with the knowledge that a person
has knowledge
of the knowledge.
I imagine thin arcs of knowledge
crossing the Great Anon
but there is no echolocation
to verify
that what I believe
is more
than what I want.

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