Friday, May 27, 2011

On Widener Ledge

Was sitting on my Widener ledge, looking up at the sky between the leaves where I feel God present, playing guitar there for the first time. Didn't make eye contact with some who passed me by. Two men did come up to me, pretty young guys, one British the other from Texas maybe. The British one took a picture of me with the other one, they found out I had just graduated and congratulated me, found out I was a Folklore and Mythology major and made a connection with folk music. They showed me a series of pictures where one of them was "riding" parked bikes. Had sat on bikes chained to posts and trees, snap click picture, move on. I suggested finding an elliptical. They told me to write about them. I think they meant for me to write a song about them, but I was not writing songs, just playing. Making up some tunes, but not writing songs. So I'm writing about them here instead.

Graduation. So gradual, then snap click, fussing with the hat, fussing fussing. Snap click done. And the room comes down.

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